Rules Of Esta Visa Application Stay In America

An ESTA visa stay is nothing else but an Electronic System for Travelling Authorization that a traveler needs to pass in order to visit America. Not all but there are a number of selected counties whose citizens can apply for the ESTA visa. It is a simple process but to protect the system from misuse; there is a set of rules to be followed by the applicant to spend a happy stay in American. The set of rules also includes a 90 day limit esta visa that is mandatory to be obeyed and if broke, can lead to serious circumstances.

The set of rules includes the below given following things, and it is necessary to be followed by the traveler.

Length of approval – an esta visa can only be used if it is valid on your date of departure to America. Esta issued for two years or till the date of expiry of passport, whichever is earlier. The esta can expire when the traveler is still in America, but then, the rule of the length of approval will not apply, but other rules will be effective as they are earlier.

Duration of stay – it is the most important rule that is supposed to be followed by a traveler. The traveler is allowed to stay in the US for a period of 90 days at maximum. If one exceeds the 90 days limit esta visa in America, he has to face serious problems like the ban on a further visit to the US or ban on lifetime visit.

Travel purpose – the traveling purpose under the ESTA visa can be anything other than residential. If you apply for esta visa for a residential purpose, then your application will be rejected in the first place. The purpose can be either a business meeting or vocational.